Sanibel Island Recreation

We provide 2 adult bicycles with our rental. There are public bike rental facilities if more are needed.

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What to Do

Bike Riding On The Islands See Map and Suggested Paths
For one of the best island tours, hop an a bicycle. Our well maintained bike paths cover 25 miles of shopping districts and back roads, and they meander through friendly neighborhoods, beneath shady canopies, across wooden bridges and along quiet water- ways.


As people relax on the islands, they eventually pick up a bright bit of shell. In many cases, it becomes a memento of the islands, a small object that can be easily tucked away in a way that birds, plants, an sunsets cannot. Shells are an integral part of Sanibel & Captiva and conserving the live ones for breeding will insure that they will always remain. Strong winds in summer and winter often catch many live shells up in a sweeping motion and deposit many of them on the beaches. Some species can temporarily be beached at these times and even during normal low tides. Even though these live shells are beached, they are still protected by the City Shelling restriction, and returning them to the water will likely save most to produce future generations. So please, enjoy your shelling but be sure to leave all of the "live" shells where you find them. Letting them live now will ensure that your grandchildren will know the same enjoyment in the years to come.


There are many popular spots to fish on Sanibel & Captiva Islands. The Sanibel Causeway, the fishing pier on the bayside of the Lighthouse, and Blind Pass Bridge are just a few. From deep sea fishing to light-tackle the opportunities are endless. There are also tour boats and charter guides that head for the upper islands for fishing as well as shelling. I recommend these for first timers with little boating and fishing experience. Local guides are particularly helpful when it comes to fishing. They know the habits, feeding patterns, and hiding places of the area fish. Most residents and visitors must purchase a license when fishing in salt or fresh water and they can be had in various places on the Island including The Bait Box on Periwinkle Way, Bailey's Center at the corner of  Tarpon Bay Road, and Jensen's Marina.

Bird Watching, Golfing, Snorkeling and Shopping!